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Join us in the Vineyard

Loop de Loop Wines is open Saturdays 12-6pm and Sundays 12-5pm. We’re 8 minutes from Hood River at 451 Kramer Rd Underwood, Wa. 503-298-9420. We’d love to show you what we’re up to. Thank you for supporting our small business.

We tell a story in every bottle.

A story of the vineyard, of the year’s rains, winds & sunshine. Of the farmers who care for the vines throughout every growing cycle. This is a story of the vintage, a little piece of recent history we can reflect on as we taste each wine. Learn about our new label and the inspiration behind it, the fires and smoke of 2020 MORE

The label artist, Olivia

Welcome the Wallflower Project – a home for more experimental and irreverent wines. MORE

The Wallflower labels are doodles my niece Oliva Bailey created as a form of art therapy for mental health wellness.